Advert Guidelines

Uploading copy

On confirmation of your order you will receive an email link to up load your copy. If possible, we advise that you always use this method to send copy to


Postgraduate Study Guide & 'Guide To A Career In Law' (w x h) 'MBA Directory' (w x h)
Double Page Spread (Bleed) 396mm x 256mm n/a
Double Page Spread (Trim) 390mm x 250mm 420mm x 297mm
Double Page Spread (Type area) 360mm x 220mm 389mm x 266mm
Full Page (Bleed) 201mm x 256mm n/a
Full Page (Trim Size) 195mm x 250mm 210mm x 297mm
Full Page (Type area) 165mm x 220mm 177mm x 266mm
Half Page (Horizontal) 165mm x 107mm 177mm x 130mm

Profile adverts

  • Logos: Please provide EPS or TIFF files at 305 px per inch minimum (please convert type to outlines) supply colour hard copy for reference.
  • Pictures: Please provide EPS or TIFF files at 305 px per inch minimum.
  • Copy: Copy for profiles to be supplied by email, Word document attachments are acceptable. Please contact your sales representative for word limits.

Display adverts

If you have designed your display advertisement we can accept the following formats:

  • High Resolution PDF for print CMYK
  • EPS files (if in Illustrator please convert type to outlines) minimum 305dpi if Photoshop EPS.

Note that we print at 175dpi and cannot guarantee exact print colour reproductions.

NB: For Double Page spreads no type should appear 7.5mm either side of the gutter.

Supplying copy

You can supply your copy by following the upload copy link provided in the order confirmation email you have been sent.

Digital Media

PDF Files for Digital Magazines

Please provide each advert as a single PDF file with the following settings:

  • Embedded fonts (not subset, please avoid CID Type H encoded fonts). This allows the text to be picked up by the internal search facility and also makes it accessible and printable.
  • High resolution PDF, minimum of 300 px per inch, for print CMYK.
  • Cropped to exact art size (no need for crop marks/bleed etc, as we are not a traditional print process).

General advice for this medium:

  • Remember that your advert will be viewed on screen rather than on paper. Less text is better.
  • Large text is better for your important points – details can be zoomed in on.
  • Don't forget to include your URL and/or email address. Make sure your website address stands out if that is what you want to direct people to.
  • If using a video within your Flash Movie, make sure any important information either remains visible, or is represented elsewhere in your advert. This will ensure that any important information is easily obtainable by all users.

Email service

You can design and build your own solus email or we can do it for you using one of our layout templates. Whichever route you choose, be sure to read our advice and guidelines, below.

Please note that we may have to edit your email to work with our systems. We will endeavor to minimise the impact of this. When we provide the design service, we reserve the right to limit requests for changes. All of our solus emails are delivered with a Prospects-branded header and footer to ensure our subscribers are aware of the source.

Subject line

  • Use fewer than 50 characters
  • Keep it simple. Be descriptive and persuasive. Use your familiar brand message if you have one.
  • Avoid ambiguous phrases such as 'reach for the stars' as these can reduce open rates.
  • Avoid using capital letters, exclamation marks or 'spammy' phrases such as 'special offer', 'free', etc.

Calls to action

  • Having one or (few) calls to action is usually less confusing for the reader and can work better than having many.
  • Position the call to action near the top then repeat this at the end of the email and make it prominent.
  • Set expectations by using meaningful language such as 'Find out more' on any links or calls to action. Avoid phrases such as 'Click here' or 'More info'.
  • Link the call to action to a relevant landing page or section of your website that has a clear conversion message and onward journey. Consider allowing users to navigate to other parts of your website on this page.
  • If the call to action is a phone number or email address, make it unique so that performance can be tracked.
  • Use link shortening for lengthy URL's.
  • Don't link to general pages such as your home page or search page. The more on-topic the page, the better the chance of conversion.


  • Create a sense of urgency by including the closing date or an 'ending soon' message.
  • Include any key information (including deadlines) near the top of the email.
  • Be concise rather than copy heavy, drive people to the relevant page on your website for more information.
  • Utilise hyperlinks to provide further information where possible.
  • Limit email to three topics to maintain reader attention.
  • Use images that add value to the content and reinforce your brand or campaign rather than bland stock photography.
  • Provide a text only version of the copy. This is sent to people who cannot view emails in HTML format.


  • Design the email to have visual and contextual continuity with the landing page to which it links.
  • Use a consistent typeface.

Technical considerations

  • Maximum width of 600px.
  • Images must be JPG or GIF format, not PNG. Please provide alt text for each image.
  • Use only inline CSS.
  • Use table-based rather than CSS-based layout.
  • When supplying HTML, send the .html file as an attachment. Don't embed the HTML with an email or Word document.
  • Do not use rich media such as Flash, audio or video
  • We cannot accept emails that are comprised primarily of images with little or no HTML-based text. The vast majority of email programs block images by default. Any crucial content or branding displayed within images may not be seen by the recipient.
  • Do not use special characters or spaces in any URL's otherwise Google Analytics tracking may not work correctly.

Online display advertising

Please note the following requirements for online advertising on and in the Newsletter.

Width (px) Height (px)
MPU 300 250
Leaderboard 728 90

Allowed file formats:

  • JPG
  • GIF
  • PNG
  • HTML
  • Javascript

Disallowed file formats

  • Shockwave
  • Java applets
  • Flash

All external URLs used within display advertising tags must reference a secure server. Any absolute URLs used that start with 'http://' instead of 'https://' will cause the creative to not deliver correctly.


Please note the following requirements for logos:

Dimensions Width x Height
Square 110 px x 110 px
Portrait 80 px x 150 px
Landscape 170 px x 70 px
  • Max file size 8kb
  • 72ppi resolution
  • JPG, GIF or PNG format
  • No animation allowed
  • Logos must be one of the dimensions shown to the left. Pad with white space if necessary to avoid distortion of your logo on the web page.


Masthead Small images Large images
File types GIF, JPG
Max file size 200K 150k
Exact dimensions (w x h): 1140px x 300px Exact width required 220px Exact width required 620px
Transparency Not allowed

University and department profiles

Standard Profiles

  • Profile copy should be less than 1000 words (please see our profile copy form for recommended content and required fields)
  • Logo: see logo specification

Enhanced Profiles

  • Profile copy should be less than 1000 words (please see our profile copy form for recommended content and required fields)
  • Video: Postgraduate profiles use You Tube embed codes to display videos.
    • You can generate this code by using the ‘share’ link on YouTube and choosing the ‘embed’ option to generate a HTML code.
    • Please provide a title, and short description of the video.
    • Contact our sales department if you do not have a You Tube account.
  • Quotations: please should supply text, author and reference
  • Images: Please supply at least one each of the following (see image specification):
    • Masthead
    • Small image
    • Large image
  • Logo: see logo specification

Student Profiles

  • Profile copy should be less than 500 words (please see our student profile copy form for recommended content and required fields)
  • Images: Please supply at least one each of the following (see image specification):
    • Masthead
    • Small image
    • Large image
  • Logo: see logo specification

Language Translations

  • Prospects will translate English University and department profile copy into a language of your choice.

Life on campus

  • Profile copy should be less than 1000 words (please contact your sales representative to liaise with our editorial team).
  • Images: Please supply at least one each of the following (see image specification):
    • Masthead
    • Small image
    • Large image
  • Logo: see logo specification

Events Adverts

  • Advert copy should be less than 300 words (please see our events advert copy form for recommended content and required fields)
  • Images: You may supply an image for your advert but it is not required.
  • Logo: see logo specification

Social media

Social media take over days

  • Facebook
    • Cover photo: 820px x 312px (w x h)
    • Shared image: 1200px x 627px (w x h)
  • Twitter
    • Cover photo: 1500px x 500px (w x h)
    • In-stream photo: 506px x 253px (w x h)
  • Instagram
    • 1080px x 1080px (w x h)

Facebook targeting adverts

So that we can build your advert to target our registrants via Facebook and Instagram please provide content following our social media guidelines

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